Cray Fish Pattern

I have had really good success with this crawdad for both Bass and Trout. It takes a bit to tie, but I feel like it is worth it, and you rarely lose them. I added a picture of the dubbing brush I make for them too.

Dubbing Brush Crawdad.jpg

Hook: B10S #4 - #1/0
Tail: Flymen Fishing Company Shrimp/Craw Tail
Underbody: .025 - .030 Lead Free Wire
Claws: Barred Olive Rabbit strips, colored orange at tip with Sharpie
Mouthparts: Congo hair & Rubber leg mix, same as dubbing brush
Antennae: Olive barred sili-legs
Eyes: Epoxy mono eyes, I make my own in a brownish/red color
Body: Dubbing Brush - Olive, Brown, and Orange congo hair, micro silicone rubber legs from FTD in olive and brown, flash of your choice. I like Krystal flash and angel hair, sparse.

Wrap the dubbing brush down the body, and trim it into a crawdad shape, leaving the bottom shaggy for the walking legs.

Dubbing Brush 4.jpg
I remember reading about freshwater crabs in that part of the world. Is it possible that's what he's calling "crayfish"?
They call them Pancora crabs down there but look a lot like a crayfish. Most flies I've seen for them is a olive barred woolly bugger.
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That’s cool.

You could probably just tie up a conehead bugger in appropriate colors with rubber legs and do just fine.

Where at in Chile?