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I won't lie, took a bit of a break from fishing this year and had one of the best years of my life pursuing a new hobby, hunting. Have killed birds for a long time and had great success with grouse this year.
I donated alot of time to shooting the last two years and was rewarded for very hard work with a nice bear down last month solo in the back country. A freezer full of good meat and the great shape I've gotten into are the best parts. Hope everyone has had a great year and success on the rivers and in the woods.

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Now you gone and done it! Your are hopelessly doomed. I did it the other way around, having hunted for years I started fly fishing about six years ago or so. Now both activities consume me! The nice thing is that hunting and fly fishing definitely complement each other. I am always getting new materials for fly tying, it also helps being good friends with a taxidermist.

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Well-done & congrats! I still hunt birds occasionally, but had to give-up big game pursuits and am easing-away from bird hunting. I'll continue fly-fishing and am researching on my way to getting back into nature photography. Have fun!

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