Essential Flies for Creeks & Occasional Lake


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Who knows?, did anyone mention a little 14 or 16 Renegade?

Kinda of a good pattern for them small streams.

50-Life ...for Smoltlesting ain't it? No Parole- usually a civil commitment is required.


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I don't know about any of you and the way you fish but if you are fishing any stream,river,or creek that runs in to the salt and you catch anything small it is usually a smolt/parr. Lately I've been going above what ever stops the Salmon and Steelhead and fish for what ever is up in them places. And up there a 10" fish is a monster. And lots of fun on a dry.



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My standard beginner flies (almost ten years later and I still use these about 80% of the time):

Elk Hair Caddis, olive, size 12
Parachute Adams, size 14

Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, size 12
Pheasant Tail Nymph (bead head optional), size 14

Black Wooly Bugger, size 8
Muddler Minnow, size 8

I might throw a size 14 Renegade on there for lakes, too.

Just my "old standbys".


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Well i hope all that is listed will work as I'm going over to the Yakima on saturday and I'm taking about 9 fly boxes along. I hope some of them work.

Wow, thats a great list!! :D Thanks for the suggestions guys! Maybe I can go into the shop now and actually look like I know what I want. :rofl:
Those are some good looking flies Paul. :) I dont think I'm ready to start tying my own flies though. Not until I actually know what I'm supposed to be tying. :p

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