Chum salmon?

I live in the Puyallup area. Would anybody be able to give me some information about fishing for chum salmon? I have never tried fishing for them in the salt, but would be curious to try. Are there any beaches within an hour tops that you'd be willing to share? Are browns point or dash point any good? I have heard that Minter Creek can get stacked with chum. Is it possible and legal to fish in a kayak where it dumps into the salt?
Kennedy Crk. Between Oly and Shelton, Perry Crk. and Mud Bay (McLane Crk) in Oly have good runs. They get busy. A kayak is legal and a good way to beat the crowd. Finding a launch may be a challenge. When the tide is high you can slide in but beware, the tide goes out fast and the mud is world class!
Thanks a bunch for th specifics. Can you tell me, is the water around these places like chocolate milk, or is there some level of clarity?[/QUOT. To the East a few blocks from Perry Crk, there is a Park and ride with a trail head behind to the water. Maybe 200 yds.If you have a kayak wheel it is smooth and level and puts you right between Perry and Mclane. Saltwater is usually fine but creeks get cloudy after rain.

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