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Interesting mask; I would love to have it among my collection of sculpin-related NW Indian Art. See the red spine off the top of the head by the operculum. There are two sculpins that have long straight spines. One is the Buffalo Sculpin (Enophrys bison) but its eyes are closer together and the mouth is not that big (for a sculpin at least) (see my avatar for another PNW Indian take on this species). The best bet is that it is a Great Sculpin (Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus). That species has widely-spaced eyes and a large mouth.
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Let's see. My wife and I have two metal sculptures of sculpins, a print of what looks like a Red Irish Lord, and the Buffalo Sculpin print in my avatar. And there is a red snapper (rockfish) print, a kingfisher print, salmon and eagle print, a salmon print, a hummingbird print., and a raven head drum. We have a theme...
Absolutely love native art and was honored to be able to witness a native totem carving in Old Masset on Haida Gwaii two summers ago.... the totem was then put on a barge and now stands outside the Education building at UBC and I highly recommend taking a look at it sometime.... it is called the Reconciliation Totem and the sentiment behind the totem is pretty amazing in its own right....


Went up to Vancouver to the Anthropology museum at UBC and in among the collection of masks there was this guy.... I'm thinking....Not Salmon...... the mask was about 4 foot long....Steve? Ira?
My uncle who has lived in coastal BC for going on 50 years and has studied native art for decades (he was a curator at a museum among other things) agrees it is a sculpin and sent me this little blurb about the importance of the sculpin in native myth and art.... tight lines!!

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