FS Custom Built Sage Method 790-4

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Hey guys, thinning out a little because she does not get used. This is a custom built Sage Method 790-4. It is built with two Fuji Alconite Strippers and Recoil Single foots with red nylon to give the translucent effect. I like to built efficient and clean lines with little bling. The reel seat is unique as it is a Fuji TVS seat with their carbon fiber insert that has red accents. The full wells was turned by me and is better quality cork than many factory built rods and zero filler used. I have attached some photos and if you have questions please feel free to ask away. Basic rod sock included but no fancy tube. $450. obo. Shipped to your door in the USA. IMG_2382.jpg IMG_2386.jpg IMG_2383.jpg IMG_2384.jpg IMG_2385.jpg


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