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Hello Everyone,

i just got back from an incredible weekend of bonefishing in the Bahamas. We got to Andros Island last Friday morning and stayed at Eve's Bonefishing Lodge. The lodging was nice and the food was great. It felt like it was going to be good because I took some time on the beach in front of the lodge after settling in and started catching fish. One was a good size bone. The rest were small jacks and a pompano. The weather was great most of the time. Only one day of rough wind. I spent most of the time using my 8wt (Orvis H3) and a pink puff fly. My guide Keith was a very big guy and a spectacular guide. I was amazed on he could see so many fish. His vision was spectacular. We took some time hunt dinner and fished for barracuda and snapper. I spent some time hand lining for the snapper. Lots of fun. I will limit the write up because I need to get to the Thanksgiving family stuff. Here are the pictures.




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Thanks for posting. Don't know how I missed seeing it yesterday. Boy, that water looks incredible.

I have some Bealls (Legends) sun shirts that I like, but would like to try a Huk shirt and I'm interested in their water shoes.

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