Replacing reel seat on tfo bvk , help

hello countrymen
Have a bvk 8 Wt .. love the rod ... hate the reel seat .
Normally I would just cut the reel seat off and replace it
It's recessed into the cork , which means to me a little tricky
I could cut it off . Put the new seat on and match it up with a cork ring or two
Or I could just cut off the entire handle . And replace it using a graphite insert into the black and handle . Epoxy it
I'm just not 100% on this. Any thoughts ?
Bonsai. Thanks ... the more I think about it.. I think cutting off the reel about an half inch above the cork... the reel seat is under the front part of the cork
Then add a graphite extension and mount the new reel seat
The issue is I have to take about a 1/2 inch off which will be blended with the new seat but tough to blend in
Theyputba fresh water sear on these . Very cheesy . Great rod , crap seat
I wouldn't cut the reel seat off taking any part of the blank. I would try to place the real seat in boiling water. Put in the water for 30 seconds and try to turn it. If it doesn't move try a full minute and increase the time 15 to 30 seconds until the epoxy softens then pull it off. The other choice is to is to cut down the length of the reel seat and split it off the blank. I have used this option to remove a real seat and have used the boiling water method to rotate a real seat to be in line with the guides. Good luck and let us know how it comes out.
Sounds like a fun project. I have had good luck using a heat gun to remove seats. Do you have a caliper to measure the inside of the inlet at the back of the grip? If so, it shouldn't be too hard to find a new seat to fit.
Boil some water. Take the water off the heat and soak the reel seat including the inserted hood in the water for about 5 minutes. Then twist it off. The tricky part will be the inserted hood. You may damage the cork. It will be a lot easier project if you don't damage the cork. Also, the o.d. of the new reel seat hood may not be the same as the older seat. Good luck.
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