St. Croix 7wt Switch - Ambush Help

Hey All,

Just got a St. Croix 7wt switch rod. I’d love to get an all rounder for it to throw overhead and Spey style casts with a little bit (5feet) of t8. It looks like the Ambush can fill the bill.

Anyone have any experience with the line? Any grain weight recommendations?


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Fan of the Ambush lines here. They will definitely turn over lengths of sink material weight matched to line class.

Anchor Point and Overhead: This is attainable but can be a tricky fine line to straddle. Once achieved though it's the best of both worlds (my opinion)

Ambush is fairly short for long casts overhead. It will work passably with the right loop control / power application. Pretty easy to lengthen somewhat by use of Salmon/Steel type Poly leaders and varying your mono leads off them to suit.

Spey Casts: Think more in total grains.. head + tip combined, with quicker (touch-n-go) stroke versus head weight alone plus weight of additional tip of choice (sustained anchor - Skagit 'ish' style) casts.

Another line with a bit more head length I like is Scientific Anglers "Adapt".

I don't know that rod so no help there. Strongly advise you find a way to try at least a couple heads prior to purchase.
I use a 500 gr. Ambush on my 7 wt. Burkheimer along with a mono running line. To use the words of a friend, "It's a cannon." but there is a great big difference between the Burkie 13'4" and a St. Croix switch. Best to try some different weights to find out what fits you style and choice of casting. The Ambush lines are very good choices given you find the correct fit of gr. wt.