The fun begins


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Archery hunting in such open terrain must be wheel bow shooting. Seems like it would take a miracle to get within stick bow range.

Good luck!


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Day 2 and 3-
Lots of hiking. Over 10 miles a day. Yesterday I saw a great drop tine muley buck and put myself in good position right where he was headed but he didnt come within 100 yards. Today I saw two small but legal mule deer bucks and a small whitetail buck. I'm seeing well over 50 does a day so I think I'll start seeing more bucks. Some pictures:

Breakfast of champions. Left over turkey:D
Probably a decent buck this year.
Next years buck.
Love this country.
11 more days to get it done. Tommorrow I'm going to do a difficult hike to get up high and glass. Cover less ground and move slower. This open country is tuff!
Git’r Done Billy! Keep us posted on how things are going. I’ll be breaking out the bow tomorrow for some local late season archery for a mighty wapiti. I love that area you are hunting. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so relaxing to be out there.

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