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congrats and good job!!!!!

slick tricks are a great bh

Day 11:
The rest of the story:

About 3 am the coyotes near camp started yipping up a storm. They kept me up well over an hour. They went from sounding majestic to like a yipping small dog. As the morning progressed I decided to head out right at sunrise and hike up a gradual but long ridge glassing and taking my time. It was dead calm and crystal clear with a frost present. I basically hiked from the bottom to the top. About 100 yards from the very top several deer crossed from left to right over the fence into the property. They looked my way but I wasn't sure they spooked. I lost sight of them over a small rise. I continued to the top slowly along another fence basically to a T intersection. When I was almost to the top I spotted this doe feeding along in tall CRP. She didn't pay me much attention. I ranged her, pulled back and then let off as she continued feeding. My mind was racing. She walked closer to me and I thought to myself kill her and get heading home. This is your last day Billy. I pulled back again, put my 40 yard pin on her and let it fly.

The shot sounded like a crack. A rock? The doe sprinted down hill instantly out of sight. I walked towards the canyon to watch her seeing not my arrow or any blood. My mind again raced. I told myself to calm down and go back to where I shot at the deer. I arrived at the spot and I looked down hill and the sun lit up a blood trail clear as day. Bright red. No arrow. There was enough blood I was pretty confident. I started seeing some slipped tracks as I tracked her down a steep hill. Then there she was in all her beauty. She made it less then 100 yards. A perfect big mule deer doe. I couldn't be happier. I'm so excited I got one after hunting so hard. I'll chase the bucks again next year. Excited to head home to the family.

The shot? Perfect right through the heart. The sound I heard was a broken rib. My arrow passed almost all the way. I removed it for photos. You couldn't hit a heart more perfectly. I'm very pleased. This year was tuff. I didn't see near the bucks I usually do. Again I could not be happier.
View attachment 156175 View attachment 156176 Thanks for following along. Slick Tricks are for real. I think I could clean this broadhead and shoot another. View attachment 156177

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