Murky water patterns for SRC

Seriously though, I was pondering this, as I imagine many before me have as well. What would be a proper dressing for a winter cloudy water fly.
- Flash?
- Colour? Darker or lighter?
- Rattles? What aspect do SRC hunt via sound?
- Scent ( If it enhances the experience...what does it matter to the outsider?)
- Water movement...would a spun deer hair fly, say the muddler minnow do better that a bait fish emulator?
- Tube SRC flies with water pushing coneĀ® technology
Inquiring minds want to know!


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This fly worked well for me down in Mexico where the water was very murky. A small rattle or disc/cone wouldn't hurt either I don't think.

That was some ugly looking soup you were fishing Dave, I go to darker colors, much better contrast in muddy water imo, Black, black or maybe black of some type maybe with some purple or dark maroon and a little flash, but it can still be tough with such poor visibility.

bk paige

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The is two thearies on dirty water(fresh or salt)... dark or bright. Ive used both with succes, black and red or white and pink. They are the only two I use, and is dependant on what's in the box!

River Pig

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I just watched a video from the Swedes over at Flytv on YouTube. They are big fans of the reverse conehead type plastics. They seem to think the water it displaces stimulates the fishes lateral lines. They do rope some hogs.
But yeah, I generally find something better to do during the pineapple express.