"Ode to Gnome"

I would love to host the "Fling" on this side of the sound if the others would be willing to come over. Teal lake, Island lake or Wildcat lake are all possible. Island like would be the best. Large grass area for casting a Bar-B-Q area and a launch for prams and pontoons.
I use a paper towel to apply a light coat of Tru Oil, wait 15 mins then wipe off. If the temps are warm, I do two coats per day. 7's my lucky number. Then I wrap with nylon A thread and finish with Threadmaster. After a few days to cure, I buff on two coats of Birchwood Casey's gun stock wax.
Your rod would've qualified for the short bamboo rod challenge...let us know how it casts!
I like using gun cleaning patches to buff on Truoil. I put a few drops in a folded patch and it will coat a full section. I buff it until it becomes almost tacky then hang the shaft in a drying cabinet. On the tip section I just stroke from the base up, if you go both directions bad things will happen LOL. The cabinet is about 90 degrees and I can add additional coats of Truoil in two hours.

So....I broke the tip section at the male ferrule first time out. If you'll notice the crappy ferrule station...looks like somebody hacked it with a pocket knife. I shoulda fixed it but....it's fixed correctly now. The rod casts a 5wt Sylk with a bobber and chironomids 50' easily! Now I still need to catch some fish with it....
Thanks. None better for the buck than Ray, that's for sure. I've shortened the seat by 5/8" to keep the whole thing short. The rod is a tip and mid from a South Bend 57. What will be interesting is that the tips from my (very good) 323 will fit as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what the difference in action will will be.

How are you applying the Tru-Oil? I'm trying it for the first time, normally I'd spar varnish but from the recommendations I've heard I thought I'd give it a go. It dries very quickly, almost too quickly.

It would be interesting to try a swelled grip like yours but with my wood working skills..... :(
My frankenrod uses the tip, mid and 1' of the butt from a SB 346. It casts really well. A 6 wt that bends deep into the cork with a strong haul and carries a long line. Fun.

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