rain contingency plan - OP


So I'm going camping on the OP this weekend and hopefully going fishing... if the weather doesnt' blow everything out. I was primarily hoping to fish the Hoh, but I know that it is quick to blow out and slow to recover. My question is: what rivers would you guys fish in high water, high rain conditions? I've heard the Sol Duc can hold a lot of rain and still fish well....


Bob Triggs

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Bob, I was considering heading that way myself. From your experience, will there be fishable water tomorrow or should I save the gas money? Thanks for any advice you can offer.



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I have some buddies out fishing the Sol Duc today. If they call me I'll post the river & weather conditions they experienced today. Based on the forcast, it doesn't look good for camping or fishing this weekend. I've always had my best luck on out there on falling river levels rather then rising levels.

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