FS Redington Rise Reel and SA Lines

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I have a Redington Rise Generation 3 5/6 fly reel in Amber that I do not use anymore. It has been in my possession for a year being used somewhat frequently during that time. My dog ate the handle so that was replaced (that is why it's red and black and not just black) and there is a small nick from the changing process (pictured). Other than that the reel is in great shape only showing moderate wear. Comes with box, reel case, and owner's manual. Asking $105 shipped.

I also have two lines 1) a Scientific Anglers Double Taper in a 5 weight that has only been fished twice. Comes on the original line spool and with the original box. Asking $50 Shipped
2) A Scientific Anglers MPX in 3 weight (half line size heavy) that has been fished maybe a half dozen times. Great shape comes with the line spool (chew marks on spool from earlier as I was taking line off of the reel, courtesy of the aforementioned dog, won't even charge for it). Great for faster small stream rods. Asking $40 dollars shipped

I am looking for 8wt lines and reels and would like to trade for them as well. PM with any questions or trades offered.
reel and line 1.JPG reel and line 2.JPG reel and line 3.JPG
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