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Hey guys I am wondering how fishing for SRC fishing has been the last month. I fish mid Kitsap at local and state parks on foot and really have hit a dry spell. I was having great success in September and October but really seem most of November and today have been bad. I have either been skunked or had one or two fish and not many bites or hookups. I have been doing mostly subsurface with either baitfish, sculpin or Charlie style flies. I have incorporated other flies and retrieve styles like worms etc. but still no luck. I see fish either jumping or feeding on the surface (eating Small food that I can’t ID) and I throw gurglers and myowalki poppers but no luck/hits. Is like a switch has been thrown and I can’t buy a bite. Any idea or hints.
Eating small food that I can’t ID = euphausiids or amphipods.
Can you tell me exact fly patterns and sizes for these. I have heard of them but can’t find them at shops. And are they dry flies? Do you strip them in ? Should I be working subsurface the same way as I was doing in the fall?
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about a size 50 will work...small stuff on the menu. sometimes you cannot match, and go with attractors and wait it out until the fish and prey return to normal size fare.

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Should work ok for imitating amphipods if you have some tan to burnt or rusty orange brownish in color.
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It all depends on where you go. I had a terrific morning Thursday. Here's my report:

A terrific morning of searun fishing. Caught the change at beach #1 at 8AM while it was raining and blowing. Fishing was good for an hour or so until the wind stopped and it went dead calm. Moved on to beach #2 that fishes well at the higher water. But first, I had a nice lunch of makisushi, sake' and hot tea in a warm car. Meanwhile, the fish had moved in and I caught some of my nicest searuns of the fall. Beautiful colors! The best were the two that jumped. I made a quick cast to each. The popper landed within 10 feet and they each turned on it immediately. Soon, the wind died and the fish stopped biting. Some fun. No photos. I was alone . . .



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Along the lines of something @Irafly might suggest, has anyone ever fished an amphipod or euphausiid (two I's?) pattern beneath an indicator? I'm headed over the pass Tuesday to fish the salt for a few days and plan on trying some gurgler's. Unlikely to have the "indicator" opportunity but wondered about it.
I've dabbled with indi fishing in the salt with moderate success. Haven't spent a ton of time doing it but have had some success when rezzies are cruising and sipping. Its something I'd like to experiment more with, especially when fishing out of a boat. In the right situations I believe it can be extremely effective.

Ira has done this with success off the beach for both src and rezzies

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