Red Agates


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
Red agates and old reels are a great fit. Here's the finest in my collection. This one appears to have never been used and is only blemished by the scrapes to it's final coat of lacquer. This one should date to the early 1930s.

Greg Armstrong

Man, what a beautiful example of a classy, vintage, red agate Young.
Not many of those around in that condition, and with the box and a spare spool too!
Thanks for sharing!
I have two of these in 3-1/8" size, one enameled and an older leaded finish one.
Neither come close to being in the condition of yours though.
They do get fished occasionally.

Greg Armstrong

I think I fixed my photos in the above post so they now appear...

Very nice reels @Steve Kokita ! I can't "ID" them but would venture (guess) that the two on the left are American, and the coined edge one on the right is from the U.K.?

Reel purdy, whoever made them!!!

Greg Armstrong

The reels on the left looked familiar to me. Possibly made by Ocean City?

I used to own this set in the photo (sorry for the poor quality). "X-Pert" was a Sears stamped product, but I'd bet Ocean City made those reels. Never seen them with red agates though. Mine had a smoky gray agate...

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