Fly fishing Guam

It seems like there isn't a whole lot of information available. I am going to Guam for xmas with my gf. I was curious if anybody has had any experience fly fishing here. I know there are rivers, estuary water, a few lakes, and the salt. Have heard Guam has large catfish in rivers, peacock bass, etc. Wondering if anybody has any knowledge or experience. Also pretty darn new to fishing tropical salt water. I was thinking of bringing my 8wt to try from the shore. I have a bonefish line, if you had to choose one other line to bring for deeper stuff and drop offs from reefs, what would it be? Full sink? Some kind of grain line (not too familiar with that)? Any help would be great, direct messages are appreciated.
Hi Brook Hunter , how was your trip to Guam , can you tell something about fly fishing there ? May be it will be my next destination from Japan .
Thanks man...

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