Microwave potato chips? Your're kidding!


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While perusing YouTube this evening I saw a vid titled "Microwave Potato Chips". My first reaction was that's impossible so I watched to see what the hell was going on. An Irish lady was slicing a potato thinly, destarching it in ice water, patting it dry and placing it on parchment paper in her microwave. She brushed the slices with olive oil and nuked them on high for a couple of minutes on each side. They looked very good and sounded really crunchy.

I had to try it so I sliced a russet on my mandolin and soaked it in icy salt water for 10 minutes. Then I pulled the slices out and placed them on paper towels and patted the tops dry with more towels. I cut parchment to the exact size of my biggest plate that would fit in the micro and placed as many slices on it as it would hold. I brushed each slice with light olive oil, flipped them over and did the same to the other side then sprinkled them with kosher salt. Into the oven for 2 minutes on a side and when they came out they were lightly browned, crispy and delicious! The whole process took less than 30 minutes and you have to taste these things to believe how good they are.

This was a fun evening snack complimented by a glass of decent Cab. Next time it will be a double batch for sure.

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30 minutes! I couldn't wait that long. I'm a chip fiend every day. Always at least 3 LARGE bags of Ruffles in the pantry.
Oh Baby!:D
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I have really enjoyed some sweet potatoes chips my wife got a week or so ago. I would think the same technique could apply to sweet potatoes. Thanks Iveoflone!


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Porter, I'm thinking one of those new Panasonic inverter microwaves would be just the ticket for making those chips. I ordered one a few weeks ago but when it arrived I could hear broken glass in the box. I sent it back and never reordered but without doubt my next microwave will be an inverter.

Good idea on the sweet potato chips, I'll try some.

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