Questions about Switch/Spey Rods and Reels

Best thing you can do is get lessons. You will learn what you need, what you don’t, and whether spey casting is even enjoyable for you.

Or you can go flail on some river.

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Jim Darden

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Hello all,

I am looking at getting my first two hand setup, and I have no clue what Im looking at when shopping around. Is there a benefit to using a switch setup vs a spey setup? Will the reels for a single handed rod work the same on a two handed setup or is there some special reel that you need to have for this kind of setup?

Thank you!

Tight Lines
Wow.....that is like asking who is the prettiest are going to get a lot of opinions. Suggest you get with a local spey guy and follow his recommendations......Your profile doesn't say where you are from, so we don't know the size of your local water......

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