Best bang for buck saltwater fly line set up?


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Something else re floating lines. Where you really need a tropical line is if you are fishing from a boat and the line is lying on the deck in the sun. In that situation your normal cold water lines just don't work. However, if you are wading and keeping your loose line in the water, cold water lines work just fine. They might be a bit more limp than usual, but it's not enough to be a game changer. So coil up your regular lines, put them in ziploc bags, and take them along as spares.

It sounds to me like you are overthinking this thing a bit. Most shore fishing in the tropics is a lot like coho fishing off the shore around here: Find a spot where a little bit of bait might congregate, tie on a white clouser, chuck it out as far as you can chuck it and strip it back so fast you think your arms will drop off. Rocket science it ain't!

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