beach fishing around Bellingham

Can anybody make any suggestions about public-access beaches/estuaries around or near Bellingham that offer reasonably good shots at cutthroat, coho, pinks, and/or rockfish during the first week of September? If not beach access, how about any near-shore flyfishing opportunities accessable with a small boat?


beach fishing around Bellingham

silvers should just be everywhere.areas 9 to the ocean. went to sekiu that time last year, about an hour and a half past port angelos in a 14 foot boat for the weekend and couldnt keep a fly in the water till the sun came out. landed over 30 fish both days. id say go to sekiu for a couple of days.
beach fishing around Bellingham

Have you tried below the hatchery at whatcom creek? I go there for chums, haven't tried anything else but I have seen kings in the hatchery, atleast I think they were kings


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beach fishing around Bellingham

Sandy pt, off the boat ramp,is a good place for a small boat as is up and down birch pt. On the inside at Semeahmoo.
beach fishing around Bellingham

IF you have a small boat, (10-12' even) with at least a small outboard, go to the launch at the south end of Birch Bay State Park. Go out to Pt. Whitehorn to teh outer side of the kelp beds. The tide changes bring in the candlefish, and the silvers and blackmouth rip apart the topwater on flies and buzz bombs.
beach fishing around Bellingham

Fish Post Point about an hour or two after the second high tide. The pinks are in thick right now. Use hot pink shrimp patterns.
beach fishing around Bellingham


Thanks for all the good info. I'll probabaly be up in the area this weekend and will give it a shot. If anybody's intersted, ask me about coho fishing at Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island. I got back last night from my fifth trip in six years. Got lots of coho to ten pounds on cast flies, despite less than ideal conditions.

One question re Sandy, birch and Whitehron Points: Is it safe to row a 16' drift boat out there? I don't mind a long pull (within reason; a couple miles or so), as long as I don't have to worry about riding some tide rip into the shipping lanes, or winding up in Victoria.