Win for mining, loss for clean water and taxpayers

I am sorry this is all bad wrong.

People with cellphones that cost a hundred bucks a month complaining about how the wealthy control everything.

The government might be out of touch with the people but the people have lost touch with reality.
This be the majority opinion then America is dead.
I keep trying to find anything in your comments that makes sense. I will keep trying.


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This rule was intended to overcome the long tradition of mining companies declaring bankruptcy once the mine is exhausted (and then immediately reincorporating under a new name), thereby sticking taxpayers with the cleanup bill. I understand why the mining companies don't want to hold the capital in reserve. But IMHO, if they can't prove they can clean it up, they shouldn't be permitted to start mining.
Just let the EPA clean it up, then blame them when it goes bad. That's par for the course, right?

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