Yak on Fri/ Lesson

The Yak makes me feel stupid every time I fish it!!!

About 11:30 the fish were coming up all along the shoreline and agrressively feeding. Some BWO's and March Browns are flying around. Aha I say to self dry flies are the ticket. I go through my whole repertoire of dries and no strikes. This takes about an hour and fifty minutes and the fish are still coming up. I have actually layed out some picture perfect bragging casts and NO FISH! Am I getting frustrated, no there are some other words that I have not invented yet for my mental condition. I wade right through the rising fish, they were in 12 inches of water and go sit on the bank thinking about gill nets, dynamite and a few other things of mass destruction! Then the light comes on! they are feeding on the partially submerged emergers! So I dump out my fly boxes and come upon a couple of very small stone fly nymphs and tie one on and wade back out to see if anything would happen but not really keyed into it. I still wanted to KILL! First cast about 12 inches infront of a very active fish and bang big strike, hand locked onto the line and well that fish probably has a fly buried deep in its mouth somewhere. Tie on my only remaining similar fly and watch a big boy coming up consistently at the end of a log. I had been watching him for two hours by now! I have my false cast measured and just getting ready to lay the line on the water and a big wind gust comes through and my leader and line piles on the water. Just as the nymph starts its drift a big mouth grabs it and dissappears. So much for that fly! Then the rise stops and I was fishless after a two hour feeding frenzie. I really hate it when something with the brain the size of a pea beats me!!!!

dave, did you try a sparkle dun? that usually does the trick when fish are rising for bwos. the other thing i would ask is if you were casting to specific fish our just putting the fly out in the middle of where the fish were rising. anyway it beats staying home, right?
wet line said:
The Yak makes me feel stupid every time I fish it!!!
As a salmon and steelhead angler who lived in Ellensburg for two years, I said the same thing many times. Did have a few awesome days with many frustrating days in between.
I got to Umptanum around 230 on Friday afternoon, and the BWOs were still around, and some straggler drakes. I didnt come across any Skwalas, but by about 330 or 4 there were a bunch of midges.

I went with a BWO-emerger-type of fly, with a flashback-PT-kinda thing on a dropper (I know my insects a lot better than my flies). 6 decent bows and 4 whitefish in 2+ hours -- a nice way to finish the workday. Only problem was the phone kept ringing (I was working) -- I got one of the whitefish as I was flipping the line while talking on the phone. It made for an interesting call -- "Hold on, I got a hit -- damn, never mind, it's only a whitefish -- what were you saying again?"

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wet line said:
I really hate it when something with the brain the size of a pea beats me!!!!

Thats funny.......it reminds me of my best friend Mike Doughty......though his brain is more like the size of a "Purina Trout Pellet" :ray1:

When will the beatings stop? :(
The hatch coming off were March Browns. The lesson learned was where I was focusing my attention regarding what was really going on. The numbers of March Browns in the air convinced me the fish were hitting dries, because I really didn't sit back and look what was on the water. Once I stepped back and looked at was going on in the water it was obvious that the fish were taking the emergers and the emergers only. That is why a very small brown stonefly in the film was rewarded with two very quick strikes once I switched to a surface film type nymph. But I had a preconcieved notion and blindly followed it. I wanted some trout on a dry.

Moral of the story, give the fish what they want and not what you want them to take.



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I'm paying very close attention to this thread because I was in the same situation on Friday at the Umtanum footbridge. In fact, some of us must have been there at the same time. I was one of two guys fishing mostly around the footbridge, in blue waders. Anyway, it turns out my BWOs were much larger and had darker wings that what was coming off. It was a learning experience for me, too, since I've only fished one other BWO hatch, in MT.

Were any of you there when the busloads of school children came over the footbridge? One group after another, and some of the most ill behaved, loud and obnoxious children I've ever seen. Came down and started throwing rocks and sticks n the water all around where we were fishing. We asked them not to do that and they blew us off and even the chaperones (kids themselves) weren't inclined to make them behave. As it was I just wanted to concentrate on the hatch. I kept thinking of some of those old W.C. Fields quotes about children (i.e., "anyone who hate kids and dogs can't be all bad").

Cliff, I was a quarter mile down from Big Horn and am glad I missed the scene you described. I would have found out the school district and been pumping letters their way.

By the way it is against the law to interfer with someone legally fishing or hunting. I would certainly have pointed this out to the school district as well as respect, lack of, and rude behavior that was totally unacceptable. The people in charge should be held accountable.


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Well Dave I think that you have been fishing with me too long and you might have a little shark repallent left on your waders. But I can understand that you have that small of a brain as I have seen it in action :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I to made it over to the dry side yesterday but I'm not going to list all that went wrong here. We make out my own piece of junk.

Jim, Thank You for your too kind comments. I take it I was better off to sleep in than meet you guys in North Bend.

But I was not skunked for the day, I did turn one fish with a streamer that was even more retarded than I. Thank God for stupid fish.

I fished the Tenneaway (sp?) up to south Cle Elum on Friday afternoon. Just Me and my GSP. We were all by my ourselves. No other fisherman, no fish. Stupid dog. Kept telling me to just fish the big fluffy flies. She hates it when I fish wet. I saw three rises all afternoon. There was one strong hatch of BWO but no risers. I had one nice fish slash at a Skwala but otherwise NOTHING. Frustrating is something I understand. And to think, I was planning to go to the canyon. Why didn't I? Dumb dog wanted to run around! Never mind the fishing, dead dear legs from the RR tracks is what he was after! At least he didn't get skunked like I did.


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sjterry said:
I fished the Tenneaway (sp?) up to south Cle Elum on Friday afternoon. Just Me and my GSP. Dumb dog wanted to run around! Never mind the fishing, dead dear legs from the RR tracks is what he was after! At least he didn't get skunked like I did.
One of my upland hunting buddies uses his GSP for everything. The pooch accompanies us on every trip, eats fish organs when the guy kills and cleans a fish, and sometimes the dog has even come back from some small potholes with a small trout, which he gobbles up. I didn't think that would be possible, but he did it. Maybe he stole it from another fisherman. He also uses the gsp as a decoy when coyote hunting, and the dog locates dead and/or wounded game, including deer. The dog also packs out up to 30 lbs of deer meat. In short, the gsp makes my Llewellin setter look like a debutante.

Dave - In regard to the horrible children, we thought about getting the license plate numbers and contacting the school district, too, but we were just so busy trying to figure out how to get all these fish that were rising right next to our knees to take our flies, I don't think either one of us wanted to leave the water. In hindsight, it wouldn't have made any difference at all if we had walked up to the parking lot. Anyway, another time I guess (I hope not).


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We had a great day on BWO's on Saturday. Floated from Big Horn to Umtanum. Knew the hatch should come off about 12:30, it did, and lasted about 1.5 hours Fished a smaller side channel where there was a lot of activity. Two of us landed about 15-20 fish each. Even hooked a fish the second time that had taken off with my tandem rig -got hose flies back....
Sunday, we were hoping for the same - just didn't happen. Managed a couple of smaller Yak fish, but the hatch never really hit a peak.
A sparkle dun is not only my preferred fly for blue wings but also during march brown hatches...a size 12 brown body with rust trailing shuck will do the trick for the MB. They float well and are highly visible allowing you to please the fish by presenting an emerger and at the same time please yourself by catching them on a dry fly.

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