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I have my pram hitched, the truck loaded. Looked outside and saw "red sky at morning, a sailor take warning". Omen?

True story on the red sky and a sailor take warning. November, 1971 - I was onboard the USS Ajax, AR-6. The ship was anchored off the coast of South Vietnam near Vung Tau. I'd worked graveyard shift, upon relief I went outside the radio shack to sit and watch the sunrise. Blood red, super calm. Shortly after reveille, the ship weighed anchors, shifted colors and was underway. I went to my quarters to grab some sleep. Didn't seem like I'd been asleep very long when I woke up to a ship wide broadcast to "batten the hatches" (or something like that). The Ajax was sailing head on into a typhoon. The old red sky thing.

For something like three days this big old ship bounced, rolled, pitched, yee'd, yawed and a few other movements. Seemed like more than half the ship's company was seasick; barf bags aplenty. Luckily? I didn't get seasick but because so many shipmates were sick, I got to work pretty much all the time. Lucky me! Pulling into Keelung was a relief!

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