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The pictures in this thread are wonderful and led me to look for some sunset/sunrise pictures from my collection. But I realized that my best are not from the PNW. Well, Kenneth broke the ice with his great pictures of Vatican City. So, I will contribute some of mine.
First up, two shots of a blazing sunset through thunderstorms in the wilds of Cambodia; the bus that we were traveling in broke down on the rough road and we were waiting four hours for a replacement from Phnom Penh.
Next up, two shots of blazing sunsets over the Indian Ocean from Exmouth on the northern coast of Western Australia.



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I have a tendency to be photographing wildlife as the light fades to nothing, these were on the same day at the coast, chasing Snowy Owls.

Was hoping a shark or something would fly out of the fiery red ocean and into my frame. I love extreme telephoto shots-even of sunsets !

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Wild Trout
Sunrises are too early for me anytime of the year : )
But..I did walk upon this daybreak scene on our property a few weeks back-sparring young bull Roosevelt Elk-with a Bald Eagle overhead in the Cottonwood.

Only the 2nd time I have seen Elk at this spot in 50 years.
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