Musky/Pike wire


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Going to try and fish for some Tiger Musky this coming year. I have some XXL wiggle tails from Rapax, and want trail it behind the hook. Unfortunately, I can't find any stinger style wire stiff enough. Admittedly "can't find" has a lot to do with my lack of knowledge on Tiger Musky fishing. Anyone have a good source, product, or technique?



Ian Horning

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This might get more relevant traffic in the Warm Water Species forum. Good luck on your quest for the toothies though! I've wanted to get after them for years!


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50-60# single strand titanium. Make sure you double the wire through the hook eye if you plan on putting a stinger on said wire, it will absolutely pull out rather easily without it. Look into various wiggle tail rig videos done by Nik Bauer or some of the other euro dudes on youtube, most of the videos are tube fly based but just tie the fly on the big hook.


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Thanks MattB, yeah, all the wire I was finding for trailing a tail was from OCONUS vendors. I was finally able to get my hands on some titanium wire, check thickness, and find what I need.

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