Mossberg Silver Reserve 20 Ga O/U

I recently purchased this shotgun new for a great price. Came with 2 choke tubes in the barrel which I am assuming full top, modified bottom and 3 in a small case. Problem I found is I can't identify any of the choke tubes. I have even looked with a magnifying glass for writing and or rings ( which they mention in the manual ) and I just can't find nothing. Thinking of using my reloading calipers? Any suggestions?
Not even little marks like this : II III IIII ?

Or notches?






one notch - full

two notches - imp. mod.

three notches - mod.

four notches - imp. cyl.

five notches - skeet

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They should be notched along the outer rim per the owners' manual I viewed on-line. Notches follow the id pattern referenced above.


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Yes I have the 12 gage silver reserve and the notches are right there on the outer end once you realize where to look.

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