Bamboo Fling

Still months away and we have 13 or 14 people interested. Let’s keep it up. Keep working on those rods new and old. I am finishing up the touches on a 65+/- year old South Bend. Who knows what else I might find to work on between now and then. Can never have enough grass (bamboo).
Anyone working on a new rod for the Bamboo fling. I am thinking about another Franken rod. This one will have a wood grip instead of cork and may be one piece. Still having difficulty finding the small reels to go with the Franken rod. There are some ice fishing reels that look like they could do the job. Just have to order one or get to Bass Pro or Cabella’s to see if they have them in stock. Even Walmart has them on line.
Steve, you use Tru Oil to finish your guide wraps. Which one do you use. I am about to put the finish on my South Bend and I am trying to figure out what finish to use, epoxy, spar varnish or Tru Oil.

It has been 2 weeks since I posted something regarding the Bamboo Fling. I hope no one has lost interest. I just received my new bamboo rod from Dennis Stone.
It is worthy of being part of the fling. I will be looking for a new reel to go with a new rod. Remember what happens or is said on Washington Fly Fishing stays on Washington Fly Fishing.

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