Bamboo Fling

The open area with no cover would be closest to the launch. The parking is also closest to the large grassy area where we could setup. Does anyone have a canopy we can use?
I like this scenario better.
Really beautiful reels seats/handles. I am curious what wood do you prefer?
Do you impregnate the wood with resin or do you use a varnish.?
Looking forward to seeing sample of your craftsmanship.
Hey Steve,
Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate that. I use all kinds of wood, my favorite being Redwood burl. Being an old carpenter and woodworker, I have a big stash of different hardwoods.
I wipe on seven coats of Tru Oil, then finish with two coats of Birchwood Casey's gunstock wax, handle and rod.
Take a look at some woodcarvings of mine in the "Art and Literature"
I went to my club meeting Wednesday night, and mentioned the Bamboo Fling to the guys. I may have sparked some interest in one or two of them. Have any of you mentioned this to others?
Looks like I may miss it which will be a huge bummer as I was looking forward to seeing friends, meeting new friends and casting awesome bamboo rods. It looks like the family is arranging to celebrate my mother in law's 90th on that day in the Redmond area. I'll be at the fling in spirit!