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I am wanting to add a lever action 30-30 to my collection and love the Henry All Weather's look but have not seen one in person yet. Does anyone have any experience with the Henry?

What are your thoughts about the newer Marlin 336's? Are they building them better now?

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My only gripe with a lever gun is the straight stock, the 336 cures that. But that’s just because all my shottys have POW or full pistol grips and switching feels weird.

Marlins side eject, so a scope is an option. If that’s not an issue, older used 94’s have lots of character...

Excuse my rambling...

Ian Horning

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Henry Rifles are great. Action is smooth as butter, they have great craftsmanship and are made in America, priced right.

My only gripe is the lack of a loading gate. I prefer that to the tube loading. I think performance overlooks that though.


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Okay you asked for it,pre 64 whinchester 94 is the gold standard. I have one and love it. But for young or inexperience shooters the safety on a marlin is a good feature. The feature I like about the Henry is being feed from the tube verses a side gate means it can be unloaded with out running every round thru the action & dealing with releasing the hammer , therefore a bit less likely for a accidental firming. I own Winchester’s, savage 99’s Henry’s & new marlin, they are all good shooters.

Jim Ficklin

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While I don't own a lever-gun other than a venerable Marlin 99A .22, I favor Marlins. My favorite '94 was my Cousin's .32 special. Buy the one that fits you & suits your needs. If I ever purchase another, it will be a Marlin guide gun in .45-70 with a big-hoop lever - which suits MY needs.
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You might look at some older Marlin 336's. Various iterations came in both pistol and straight grips. Scuttlebutt is that quality suffered after the 2008 Remington acquisition of the company, but I don't have first-hand knowledge of that. You can mine tons of information from the Marlin owners forums. I've owned a number of very good rifles, Kimbers, Winchester, Rugers, Sako, Remington, but I bought older 336's for each of my three grandspawn. Besides, everybody just NEEDS a levergun. Without one a safe just doesn't look right.


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I bought a Henry big boy carbine in 357 mag a couple of years ago. I don't hunt with it. But it is fun and accurate.

The carbine length helps balance the octagon barrel and is still accurate enough for a lever gun...because it's sacrilegious to add optics to a lever.


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I have a Rossi 44 magnum with a 16" barrel that is a hoot--more like a mortar than a firearm. My first rifle was a Savage 99 in .308 that was my dad's, and his dad's before that. Awesome rifle, but has long been surpassed by acquisition of various bolt actions. But for the first 2 shots, it's the most accurate rifle in my safe. After that the groups open up quite a bit due to the carbine/feather-weight barrel.

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