More winning for Big Oil

Rob Allen

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Yeah, I know. But I kind of feel sorry for him. He's like a sheep with a sponge for a brain that only soaks up nonsense.

But to get back to the topic.

It looks like offshore drilling is open season now. I wonder how long it will be before we have another Deepwater Horizon type event?
Don't like it stop driving. The people express their will to have more oil drilled by continuing to complain about the middle east and by continuing to increase their consumption of gas.
Sorry we live in a market driven society.
How we spend our money is a better indication of the will of the people than who we vote for..

Rob Allen

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We have plenty of oil with how we are doing it currently. No need to expand drilling to sensitive areas. It’s only greed powering these decisions. Trump and his big oil pals.
That's certainly the party line you are indoctrinated with.

I oppose new offshore drilling also but i don't let the anger of not getting my way affect how i treat other people.

Just because we don't like it doesn't make it wrong.

Gene S

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In case you don't understand how scoring works, you lose.
But I do understand how scoring works. Didn't the CBO score Obamacare? And totally screw up? They are corrupt, dishonest and disgustingly wrong on most of their scores. They should be drawn, quartered, and then discarded.

Can't you guys handle a little anecdotal info without having irritable bowels?


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Can't you guys handle a little anecdotal info without having irritable bowels?
That's hardly the point. You tried to make a point with your anecdote about business that was plainly shot out of the water by another poster's data. And your response is to deflect with "whataboutism" to Obamacare. How about you try to reconcile the discrepancy between your anecdote and the data to the contrary. That's the only way to up your street cred here or anywhere you don't have a fan club of ball washers.


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Trumpists got it as soon as Donald started making promises. Promise!

If I start a thread titled "Trump for 2024" and provide all the reasons I can think of will you guys donate via paypal a little money so I can have a party and buy some bumper stickers? Pm me for my paypal:D

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