Swinging with 2WT glass rod

Kyle Smith

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I have gone quite the opposite. 7wt switch on tiny spring fed valley streams. My shoulder is messed up, so the two hand thing is the only way I can really fish comfortably.


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I am pretty sure I do not treat my two weight with the respect I should, but I love swinging flies with it!!!

On some days I even put a one foot section of T11 on it just to play around...

Anyone else abuse their rods with succes???

Today’s catch on a brief scouting trip...

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The Hydrogen 2wt trout spey was put to use on some jack kings in Alaska.

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Dunno why photo attach wouldn't work. I could see it before hitting post button? Try again

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I have a 3wt trout spey I and looking forward to practicing with real soon.

Right now I’m playing with a Cabelas CGR 2WT.
I used some running line from an old sinking line for a tip. My scale put it around T-5 which meant I could still have a decent length tip that wasn't too heavy..

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Great thread that's actually about fly fishing! Couple nice pics of the 'bow and jack; well done.
Not sure if this registers as abuse.... I throw 12.5' of t-8 and large weighted flies with my Reddington hydro 3wt. The casting is relatively easy once you get the tip and fly lifted. The only real concern is the first move on a snap-T. The 3wt just doesn't have the lifting power needed. I always do a quick roll cast on the hangdown then immediately start the snapT before anything can sink and stick. I also find that the uber short (11') RIO trout spey is ideal for this setup.

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