info on the south fork of the snoqualimie

Hey everybody... I am a new member to the forum and need some help. I am a young fisherman trying to learn more about the rivers around here (bellevue). so far i have only checked out the Yakima but have been having a blast and some pretty good luck. However the two hour drive is tough to do what with being a college student and working and all. I have heard the south fork of the snoqualamie is a good river, and being that it is a lot closer, i would like to check it out. i would really appreciate some advice on good spots to check out to get me started. thanks guys.

Chris Scoones

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Hi Chuck,

The SF has been covered recently pretty well in the forum. Take a few minutes to look through the topics over the last couple weeks and you should find what your looking for.

To answer your question though, you shouldn't look for spots. I don't mean that in a bad sense, but understand that right now the flows are getting down where you can explore the river. Find access between exit's 32 and 45 and then cover as much water as you can fishing along the way. Use dries through the pockets and riffles, dries / nymphs / streamers through the deaper pools.

I like the SF since it's local for me and I enjoy small fish and lighter gear. I find though the MF to be a much better fishery when it's wadable which isn't as often. The NF is a fine fishery also so my point is don't get yourself tied to one Fork when looking for local waters to get a line wet.

Nice to have you on Chuck,



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Not much too it really.

Pick any exit from North Bend to Snoqualmie pass and start exploring.

You should be able to find plenty of info (places, flys, etc) by searching the recent reports and archives.

Have fun!

Old Man

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I might be old---but I'm good.

Yes and be careful of the deeper pools as sometime you can almost disappear in them. Jim S. :COOK
Thanks to all of you who have been sharing info on the SF. I actually moved away from my SF comfort zone and explored a different exit yesterday. I had a great time and even caught a few.

I have been having great luck with an Elk Hair Caddis but as the evening gets late I have been trying to match the late evening hatch with no luck. I have been using size 16 PMD's with a grey body and some parachute adams with a yellow body to no avail(size 18). Any suggestions? I am relatively new to the addiction, err, I mean sport and would love any feed back. I have had some luck on a pheasant tail dropper off of a Caddis.

And Yes, I have almost had to swim with waders full of water. The water is still pretty cold

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