Im still a newb, help me out!

im a newb to fly fishing, fact is, I got my first fly rod about 2 weeks ago, it was a 24$ unit at walmart that came with everything to fly fish, well my dad wouldnt have that (he used to fly fish, now were getting back into it,) and got me an orvis clearwater classic III and a new rod, its a sweet setup compared to my walmart pos.

now ive got the casting thing down good enough to get it into the water and my dad is helping me on that as we go, but a few questions to you guys who fish up in dayton area, and in tucannon,

where are the fish, and whats hot right now.

another question is, can someone please explain how to get to the big 4, im not sure where it is excatly, and on the big 4, can you use a normal spinner rod with a fly as your lure? cause ive heard both.

oh, and if anyone knows any good begginer reading info online, post it up!

thanks guys
Well for online reading info, you've found it. Do a search on here for whatever you need to know, and surely it's been mentioned before. As for other online stuff, just Google "fly fishing," "steelhead," "fly tying," etc. Info abounds.

Take care all, and welcome to the site.


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big 4 is a bit tough to find. going up the tucannon river the parking area for big 4 is the next left hand pulloff past camp 7. wade across the river and you are there. i have done well with ants. i have had better fishing at some of the lakes next to the road where bait can be used. we used pheasant tail nymphs and six packs. good luck. we will be there in 2 weeks for turkey and camp at camp 7. mike w
Ok, I actually think that i know where your talking about,
Im going to be up there in a couple weeks also doing some fishing and turkey hunting,

thanks for the info guys.


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Since nobody answered your last question,I will. It is flyfishing only according to the regs. Page 82 And no fishing from any floating device.

Now here's another question on that lake. I know that they plant it with rainbows,so why do they add in the regs other game fish????? What else could be in there as to game fish????

Maybe ZEN would know as he fish's in that area.

hey, it isnt cause im wimpy by any means, im benching 250 # 6'3, 330#.

but i love cartoons,

and Jim, seeing your the grouchiest old man, mabey you could tell us what cartoon wimpy was from.

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