Pattern The Ol' Milanoski

Years ago, maybe seven or eight I don't remember exactly, a buddy and I went to the Deschutes River for a few days and camped at one of the many areas. There was a craze called a "Norm Wood Caddis." The fish were going nuts for it and as I remember, it was a Stimulator with a different colored hair wing; kind of a pinky-tan color of calf tail over the top as opposed to the elk hair/deer hair. It was dynamite but by the time we got there, the fish had seen enough and the bite turned off. I bought a couple of tails, my buddy about a half dozen. It was a great fly for a period of time. I'm not sure if the fish still go nuts for it or not; haven't been there for a while because of all the BS with the water temps and algae, etc. I guess the point is that "a rose by any other name is still a rose." The knotted legs make a lot of sense because of the hopper bite but as mentioned by someone, a Stimulator is a fantastic fly. I have a box full, some with legs, some without, yellow, orange, royal colors, etc. You can call it whatever you want. If it works, fish it.

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