Newbie question - Yakima river in March


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I am looking at coming up to WA and spending a couple of days trying out a Catchercraft SRB with the intention of buying one if I like it. I want to get 2 full days on a loaner before I make a decision over some of the other boats I am looking at.

Mid-late March is a good time for me and the girlfriend to come up and fish a couple of days on the Yakima. Questions are: (1) is the fishing any good at that time of year and (2) how are the flows historically around that time for a novice/intermediate rower in an "unfamiliar" boat to be able to handle? My impression of that river having never visited the Yakima is that it is pretty beginner friendly. We would probably be around Ellensburg area and might just stay at the lodge by Reds.

I am not in a tremendous hurry on the boat so if we are better off waiting until summer, that is fine too.


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Spring on the Yak is good. Probably a little late for the the skwala hatch, but you never know. You'll see bugs out regardless. Water's warming up and the fish are moving around.

Might be cold, but probably not prohibitively. Can't rule out a big storm that might blow things out, but in general, flows are very manageable that time of year. You've heard about the flip-flop, right? Flows are actually much higher in the summer.

You working through Red's? They can tell you all about it.


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That is a great time frame to be on the Yak. Flows should be manageable. Skwala hatch should be going on.
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Thanks both. I haven't started making any arrangements yet so I haven't contacted Reds. Will probably price out some flights this weekend then go from there.

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