Where are the chrome pigs?

That's my biggest issue. I've really committed to fly fishing only so far this winter, even if that does mean I'm missing a few fish here and there... which is my OCD worry I guess. The fish I might be missing often haunt me as much as those I hook and lose.
Just commit to it a year; without the gear rod; you never go back, and you never though about all the fish think you miss. I whether catch one on Spey to 100 on gear...


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If you want to catch fish consistently and efficiently then fish gear. If you want to catch them on your terms and in a way which you deem necessary then flyfish. I find myself flip flopping some. The two I landed today were on gear and WAY out of range and depth for my fly gear. When fish move out of the big deep holding water to the seams and transition water I will adapt accordingly with the fly rod.

Rob Allen

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Gear or fly is dependant on my motivations.

If i am going to a mixed stock fishery in the early winter i am probably gear fishing. I love drift fishing with eggs. My intent is to harvest chambers creek so they don't stray.

If i am going later in a mixed system I'll mix flies and gear and am more likely to throw a spoon than bait. My motives are still to remove hatchery fish but with sensitivities about hooking wild fish on bait.

Late season wild fish.. first off i rarely do this even though it's my favorite but this is when I swing flies. My motivation is just to be in a beautiful place hoping for the best.
No swung steel for me this winter, due to many factors including lack of trying. I did have a HB eat a stripped in white baitfish, but he spit the hook.

Last weekend was predictably crowded and unsuccessful. However, I did catch this.


Ah yes. The ever elusive hatchery bull trout. Talk about a unicorn.


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