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Best stick to the bass

I thought we would make a little place for their fans to console each other after the Hawks smash them on Sunday. So they have some friends, I went ahead and automatically enrolled all their season ticket holders. Their names are listed below...



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Best stick to the bass
Oh, I catch plenty of those. And those slime rockets you fish for over there too. I didn't go anywhere, been working today and didn't watch the game. Probably a good thing for my nerves. Did y'all miss me?
Good win for the Rams today. Huge ass whipping for the Seahawks, who need to get their act together. Maybe this will spark something positive for the team.
Everybody loves a poor winner. Yay DIME!!!

See, the difference is, if the Hawks would have won, we would have rubbed it in a bit, and then moved on to shit talking Dall-ass.

But maybe this game was your Super Bowl.


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That's because it just football, and some of us get on with it after a loss, and look to the next game.

Go Hawks!
Get on with it or not, there was plenty before the loss, got pretty quiet after, you mentioned poor winners, then there is poor losers .

When do you start you trash talk about Dallas :rolleyes:

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