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In all honesty, Seahawks were not going anywhere anyway. No RB, no line, crap non-clutch kicker..and I felt Sherman was losing a step but had a huge salary coming, they won BIG with cheap young players and they had to lose some and overpay some. They were due for a turnover anyway.

Nothing against the Rams..the fans...eh, pumped up with Jr High bravado.. can't help but see it and think it is cute. But these trolls stirring shit for no reason...lame lame lame
No they were not going anywhere, except maybe to Utah on vacation :D


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Maybe they will just stop by on their way thru, and just glance at the pretty red rocks
Utah is like Oregon, inbetween two cool places you want to see...and one must endure..and use for a burger break and a gas fill-up...
(kidding, Oregon brothers and sisters..not about Utah..)

Joking aside, Utah is a pretty place ! Worth a visit


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Oh yes....and I'm sneaky too.

Go Hawks.

Still waiting for you to agree to stop posting in the Hawks thread. Wassa matta son? Too lonely in this thread? Echo! Echo!
I thought it was trolling ,not posting . You are not the only old man on this forum, I am far from your son. :)

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