The 49ers should be a much better team in 2018 after a disasterous 2017. The Cardinals and Seahawks will blow up their aging and expensive rosters soon and attempt to rebuild.
I’d say the Niners had about as good a 2017 as they could have. Rather than drag it out they got rid of anybody over 28, had a great draft class(8 of 10 look like starter quality) and a couple undrafted keepers too(Breida).

Then Shanahan got Jimmy Gzus and we haven’t lost since.

Still a ways to go(Oline, CBs, top tier OLB and WR) but they have lots of pics and a ton of cap space.

Pretty remarkable considering where they were when chip walked off the field a year ago.


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The #3 NFC playoff seed is secure now. Sean McVay was indeed smart to rest the RAMS starting line up against the 49ers.

Next up is another bird team on the decline in the Wild Card round on Saturday. RAMS vs Falcons. Los Angeles hosts it's first NFL playoff game since the late 1980s. Pretty cool!


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I hope Coaches McVay, Phillips, and Fassel have some more solid game plans for the 2017 Playoffs. The RAMS can go far if they play good ball and get some guys healthy.

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