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Evening ~

Please take a close look at the attached pics. I have a ton of fly tying materials inherited from a late relative's Uncle. This gentlemen was an avid at fly tying. My 4 year old daughter leaves me with little time to tie, so I would like someone else to get some use of it the material. Much of the materials were purchased many years ago due to the older packaging.

There are a ton of hooks, pm me if you would like to get a better idea of the sizes, but with this collection, I am confident there are tons of hooks in each size. There is an assortment of nice pelts as well. My experience with tying is one of the novice, so I will not embarrass myself trying to name off the materials. Feel free to pm with me any questions. I don't feel comfortable enough with setting a price, so feel free to make fair offer for the whole thing or parts of the kit. I am located in Covington, WA, but could could entertain the idea of shipping if you'll cover the cost.

Regards and tight lines.


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Hey there. Here's a few close up of the hooks. See if you can try to zoom in to get a better view of what sizes are available. If this does not work, feel free to send me you email via a p.m. and I can send the pics to you.

Thanks -
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