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A vintage Aussie pattern; hen rainbows have been known to throw their hotel room keys on stage when seen. A few changes to the original due to materials on hand - possum for black squirrel and rabbit for kangaroo in the wing.

hook - Mustad 9671 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
rib - oval tinsel gold
tag - Uni-Stretch Chinese red
tail - Australian possum black
body - medium chenille light olive
wing(s) - rabbit olive

mash barb, start thread, tie in rib, wrap to bend

tie in Uni-Stretch, wrap down bend and back; tie off/trim

measure (shank length) a clump of possum tail; tie in

strip end off chenille; tie in

wrap chenille to 1/2 mark

measure (halfway to tail) a clump of rabbit; tie in

finish wrapping chenille; tie off/trim

counterwrap rib; tie off/trim

add front wing

trim, whip finish, SHHAN


Tim Cottage

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This post arroused my curiosity about the current price and availability of kangaroo fur. Whole hides are still too expensive but Google took me to Etsy where I found you can buy handbags made from kangaroo for $15 or less and the fur appears to be full length not sheared. Maybe with a bit more research you can find pieces of hide at a reasonable price.
It's really nice soft fur.

The first guy to start a line of kangaroo flies is going to get rich real quick. I just know it.


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