Harry Lemire Steelhead Flies

Dave Westburg

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Have been having fun filling a box with Harry Lemire steelhead flies. Many years ago I had the chance to watch him tie a full dress Atlantic Salmon fly without a vice. Remarkable.

You could fish the entire season with these three Lemire wet flies (one bright, one medium, one dark) and Lemire's steelhead Sculpin.

Here's his Golden Edge Orange

Squirrel and Teal

Black Diamond



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That Golden Edge is a beautiful fly. You see patterns like that and you realize how gawd awful ugly Intruder patterns are. There's plenty to be admired in the rich tradition that steelhead fly design has brought to our pastime. Embrace it, praise it, and never let it die.


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Fantastic tying!! I had the pleasure of watching Harry tie w/o a vise, it was a full dress salmon fly, all the time he was gracious and patient with my questions.

Dave Westburg

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Very nice. What size hooks?

Here were Lemire's recommendations. I think he mostly used Partridge hooks.

Golden Orange Size 1-6 Partridge. I think I used a 1/0

Squirrel and Teal Size 2-6 low water partridge. I used a size 6. Forget if it was a Bob Veverka or an Alec Jackson.

Black Diamond Size 1-8. I used a size 6 Tiemco.

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