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I'm from the school: if you kill it you eat it.Or at least try and make it palatable.

a buddy shot a younger lion up by my house a few years ago A younger one maybe 110 lbs. This cat and another were about to pounce on him hiking up in a canyon during a deer hunt so he shot from the hip at 15 yds with a win model 70 270. The other cat took awhile to leave according to him ; most likely younger cats pushed by mother earlier in the year,

Heard meat was good so I skinned it out and gave him the hide and skull and processed the meat.but i like lamb brains, pigs head,tripe, heart, head cheese, scrapple, tongue etc

you know the tasty bits

It was very good. The loin was excellent and im pretty particular when it comes to eating and cooking game.

I tried coyote loin and not so good.I was surprised how good roasted raccoon ate. Like sweet pork. We used to hunt them as kids with dogs at night.

possum? ok but greasy, woodchuck too. maybe trying smoking it.Canned carp and sucker are not bad.

I think cook lion like bear because trichinosis has been found in cat meat.

Would i eat another ?

hell yeh its good
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