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I recently got a replacement tip section for my 2-piece Cortland CL 5 wt. and have found that while the tip section fits snugly to the butt, it loosens and eventually slips off while casting! Never did THAT before. Anyone know how to correct this slippage? One flyshop staffer suggested parafin wax, either that or send it back to the factory. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated! :DUNNO
I've seen that on a couple of St. Croix rods, suggested owner contact S.C. and they replaced, no problem on the new rod. Sounds like taper is not just right. Give Cortland a call, they will probably replace it. I've always had good luck with them, great customer service.
Use 5-minute epoxy to secure the tip-top to the rod tip section. Make sure it is in line with the guides. Scoop some epoxy into the tip-top and slide it back and forth on the blank to squeeze out any air trapped inside and make sure the glue is spread evenly. Excess epoxy can be removed quickly and easily before it cures with denatured alcohol and lint-free wipes. Do not use other chemicals such as acetone, as they may seriously damage your rod blank


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Your best bet would be to send it back. It might be more serious than just a loose taper. A crack in the female ferrule, even when so small as to be nearly invisible, causes the same sort of problem.
Is it the tip top (guide) that is coming off or the rod section itself? If it is the rod section then the Wax method works. If it is the tip top, there is a special hot applied glue that is sold by rod building supply stores. I have some so if you live in the south end (I live in Covington) or work near Renton during the day, I can give some to you. Just let me know. The problem with epoxy is that you can't replace the tip top if it ever gets worn. The special glue is heat sensitive so you can heat up the tip top and put on a new one if necessary.

Remember, everything that is manufactured is done so to meet acceptable tolerences. This sounds like a bad fit. When you got the replacement section, did you send the whole rod to them initially or did you just get a new tip section? Cortland is a reputable company and I'm sure they'll do right by you. I agree with Preston, send it back and let them make it right.

Thanks for the feedback, All, think I'll send it back soon. Cortland does provide great service, it's just that I hate to lose the use of the rod for 3 weeks (or longer). On the other hand, it's more than a little disconcerting when you fling that caddisfly out there and the whole tip section goes with it!

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