2018 Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo...

Skip Enge

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Me too...Ellen and I went and we visited with a lot of great folks...Ellen won some raffle stuff I bought a Peak fly vice new for a third of the new price...and i had been looking for one!
I would like to take the ferry over to see this show one day! Flyfishing & flytying expos are awesome if you ty flies, i've been to our only expo 6 years in a row 2 hr drive north each April, first time I had only been tying 6 months & Trevor Jones from Wales showed me how to ty a Wally wings mayfly, blew my mind! Also met Barry Ord Clark the "Feather bender" one year & he showed me some great things! 2.5yrs ago I met Markus Hoffman in the video, mentioned i'm thinking about buying the vise you have TMC 2 & already have a good price from my friend! He asked have you tied on this vise yet? I said no! He said you should ty on a vise before you buy one, I'm going to launch now, come over this side & test the vise, here is all my materials in these fishpond bags, all my hooks in these folders, do what ever you want! Tied a Wally wings mayfly on a small hook using 18/0 silk in a automatic bobin holder, brand starts with E! He came back & stood on the other side of the bar eating his food still asking the people watching, so what do you think of this Markus Hoffman guy? Can he ty? Then he said you look different in your videos Markus!?! Did you break the thread? No! Good, I was sure you would break the thread! Really top bloke & awesome of him to do that for me! Ended up getting that vise soon after! Shows are good & some tiers are really top notch people!
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Shawn West

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I sure wish I could make it this year. There are a lot of great folks demonstrating at this show. A lot of which I look forward to seeing each year. Priorities.



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