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hook - Mustad 3906 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tail - bronze mallard
rib - small wire gold
body - orange floss
hackle - brown
wing - bronze mallard

mash barb, start thread, tie in wire, wrap to bend

measure (hook length) some bronze mallard fibers; tie in/trim (looks like I didn't fix that nick in the bobbin tube)

tie in floss, wrap to bend and back; tie off/trim

tie in hackle; palmer to bend

capture tip with rib, continue to front; helicopter end, cover with thread, trim hackle tip

stroke fibers down and to the rear

prep 2 segments of bronze mallard

stack on top of each other, measure (halfway to tail), fold/pinch, wax thread, tip hook and tie in

trim butts, whip finish, SHHAN

Merry Christmas all; to you and your loved ones,

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