NFR This should stir the ol' cake batter....


Wild Trout forever
His politics aside, he's a good dude. Never did drugs, even back then. Puts on a good show.
Politics one thing, just the repeated hypocritical stories and his taste for underage girls..bad bad. He has zero morals. A few good songs, no doubt.

I'll give the native casinos props for unscheduling him for his shots of the previous POTUS, really uncalled for. I do have some respect for the office (did!)
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Wild Trout forever
I also met Joe Cocker, and he puked on himself. It was pretty cool.
The coolest famous person I met was Evil Knievil as a kid, and he had a big long trailer and I think he had the pre-Snake River rocket there..a smashed motorcycle ..broken helmets, nice new bikes..but he was in the custom trailer in a BIG chair, drunk..but as a kid, it was the coolest !! The King of Sports/Show

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