NFR This should stir the ol' cake batter....


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Great to the forum hasn't missed a beat. Maybe @Gyrfalcon2015 will introduce @napawino to fly fishing this coming spring when they run out of gas passing one liners back and forth.
Fox News must not be coming in on the bunny ears out in Montana, gotta spread sunshine wherever you can I suppose... he of just about 11,000 VERY valuable, I am sure, posts..(back to ignore..invisible..talking to myself, I guess)


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Ex Nirvana member. His vocal style ranges from screeching, to screaming.

But from all I've heard, he is actually a decent human being. Gives back and helps people.
I'm not crazy about some of Foo Fighter's music, i.e. The screeching. But i really love this acoustic version by David Grohl of their "Times Like These" .

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